Information on Paper Star Lights

About Hanging Paper Star Lights

paper star lightEach paper star light is handmade by skilled artisans in India.  Designs are first printed on medium weight cover stock paper, then cut out in precise shapes that will be glued together to form the star.

Within each piece, designs are usually also cut out as detail for the finished star.  Sometimes these shapes can be simple star, round or other "cookie cutter" type designs.  More often though, intricate designs are created by cutting elaborate shapes from the flat paper that form part of a larger design.

Next, tissue paper is glued by hand to what will become the inside of the finished star light.  several different colors may be used in this step to create a vibrant and complex design that resembles stained glass when lit.  The tissue paper must be placed exactly in the right place, so as not to overlap any adjacent cut outs. 

Finally, the star lantern is glued together very carefully to ensure that no tissue paper "window" are broken and so that the finished star will open properly.  One of the amazing thing about star lamps is that they are shipped flat but pop open with easy assembly in less than one minute by the final customer: you!